Intrigued by my visits to the airport

" I am a bubbly and a free spirited lady. "

Aviation has been always been the one industry I’ve wanted to be a part of. Having travelled in most kinds of aircraft, seeing them fly right over my house as a child and constantly visiting the airport with my family – just to see the aircraft – has always intrigued me. From a young age, I knew that the aviation industry was definitely something I’d want to do for a very long time.

I graduated with my Commercial Pilot Licence and currently in pursuit of a career in the aviation industry of Botswana.  It’s quite an interesting and challenging experience.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than constantly being in the air, especially if I’m in Command – want to be a captain throughout my career. There’s a sense of peace in it all for me; it’s fun and exciting. I can never get tired of the views from above, through the cockpit. That’s what I love about being a pilot. The travel in it all, getting to see new and different places is quite an adventure!

My advice to young girls who would love to take up aviation is, make sure you are ready to work. Be well driven, highly motivated and most importantly, very disciplined. Don’t forget to smile while you’re at it!

There aren’t many females in my field of work but numbers are definitely increasing. When I was in flight school, there were a handful of females aspiring to become pilots. I didn’t find it to be intimidating as such or challenging but it definitely drove me to want it even more. I pushed myself even more to go the extra mile.

Ultimately, I’d love to own my own charter company, amongst quite a few things on my list. It is very important to always do what your heart truly desires, it won’t always be a smooth or easy path but what’s worth it never comes easy. Don’t give up, just push, push and push till the end. Say no to negative mindsets, people and energy. Always be positive, have Faith and most importantly Pray.

Refilwe Pelaelo.

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