Mechatronics, AI, Robotics? Dear Future self

Tlamelo is a qualified mechatronics engineer and drone pilot. She did her engineering degree at Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BUIST). What inspired her choice in engineering was not necessarily passion, but the love for challenges and the unknown. She was told that mechatronics had a lot of mathematics (her favourite subject) and well, it was new and encompassed the making of robots which intrigued her, especially after watching a movie called “how to build a better boyfriend”. Mechatronics offered her both the challenge and that stepping into the unknown feeling she desired.

From her degree, she fell in love with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, which shaped her career. She is currently the co-organizer of Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Gaborone (WiMLDS Gaborone), GDG Gaborone and Women TechMakers(WTM) Gaborone ambassador. Professionally, she is currently the research lead for AntonTech which is a BW-based deep learning & computer vision startup in the Agriculture space, and a freelance drone pilot.

Her inspiration has always been and is her future self. She has this idea in her head of who she is meant to be. Future Tlamelo Makati is a creative genius, both in the tech space and arts space. All her career choices are inspired by what she can be and that is simply amazing and powerful.

During her time in university, there were times when all she wanted to do was settle for what she had and not dream big, but that did not sit right with her soul and spirit. So she decided to persevere and work even harder each time she felt like giving up.

Pursue what you want in life because you love it and not only because you are good at it. Do it because even during the worst days, waking up to do what you love makes your soul sing. If you are going to choose engineering choose it for yourself, not your family, not the state of employment in your country and not society, do it for you.

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