Mobile Applications in Botswana

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

My name is Nana Anani and I’m currently studying Computer System Engineering at Botswana Accountancy College (BAC). (I know right? – how ironic is it that I’m studying computer system engineering at an accountancy college). Well, this is where I study and continue to develop my passion for engineering.

Engineering is a field that’s always been my dream to achieve. In the beginning I didn’t really care where I started or what course I wanted to take, but I just knew I wanted to find myself rubbing shoulders with the most brilliant male and female engineers. Learning here at BAC in my field is very interesting and with dedication I do believe I’m thriving.

I take classes such as mobile application and programming which is quite mind stimulating but not always such a smooth sail. I also do a lot of database technology – let’s not leave behind basic computer hardware and software studies. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but it’s been intriguing indeed. To be honest with you, we learn a lot but the learning becomes escalated when we dig deeper and put our knowledge to test. In my option, it’s much harder bringing out something like a mobile application in Botswana as thought-provoking as it sounds not so many people or companies are interested in investing in it.

Q. Who inspired you to study engineering?

My sister is a Dr. in Mining & Engineering in Chile and she essentially paved the way for me very easily. When I was young, she tutored me in basic primary education and as a result, I’ve always looked up to her knowledge and strength. I have a cousin that attends Stanford University studying Engineering; her intelligence and time management definitely drove me to a passion that I can’t even explain. I’ve always inspired myself for greater goals and higher achievements but these two special women in my life, contributed to my strength and faith in myself.

I completed my IGCSE from a boarding school in Maun. I applied for this course as my first option and here I am now. I am yet to achieve better heights. I am a member of Women in Tech Botswana, Women technology and a member of GDG (Google Developers group) Gaborone. I’m gaining experience and learning more from the people I network with in these organizations. I love the drive and result of the product in whatever I am doing. It makes me happy to come up with new things and try different things.

Q. What advice would you give to girls in your field of engineering?

I would want every girl out there to be inspired and not let anything stop them from going for their goals. For the female mind is brilliant and we are the future! I want to one day own my own tech company and learn from the successful tech companies in the world. I want to lead a very pure path for all the girls that wish to take on a tech career.

Nana Anani.

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