Short story by Mpho Tidimalo

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

My name is Mpho Tidimalo and I studied Civil Engineering at the University of Botswana. My biggest dream has always been to be work where it’s rare to find women in engineering, therefore I chose Civil Engineering and I believe I’ve flourished so wonderfully!

I graduated school recently so I’m still deciding what I should do next. I had a very few classes in my final year but it was still a whole lot of work to successfully complete my degree.What inspired me? Walking the streets, seeing structures and the potential of the industry. I thought to myself; I need to be a part of the revolution. I need to be a part of something exciting, a part of something big and an adventure, so I took on Civil Engineering.

In order to achieve a degree in engineering, make sure to study all the material given and never leave any stone unturned. What I love most about the civil engineering industry is that, it’s exciting, it’s a new thing everyday so you are always engaged and involved. The advice I can give to aspiring civil engineering women is that you might not have the strength to Carry a 50 kg bag of cement but you have a brain big enough for make sure the 50kg bag is where it needs to be. You can do this! Even if you were not the only woman in the engineering department, the challenges are still the same, people doubt your capabilities until they have deadlines and less hands.

I had a lot of fun, the construction industry is always exciting. Seeing a structure unfold and become from the drawing is so awesome. It’s beautiful. It was mostly contract supervision, keep track of daily activities and materials on site, looking into rainfall damages and coming up with remedy measures

A big thank you for this platform, where all women engineers meet.

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