The Beautiful Soils of My Country, Botswana !

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering at the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN). Soil and Water Conservation Engineering includes but is not limited to construction, soil analysis and soil sampling. In my field of work it brings me the most joy when I get my hands dirty! For instance, Soil Analysis entails for testing the plasticity of soil, 10% sieve analysis, Dynamic Cone penetrometer (DCP) testing, compaction and soil strength. I collect soil samples from the site and take it to the lab for testing and analysis.

An onsite duty would include surveying the land to see where we can excavate to certain depths and make a few tests on the site. Then use the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) to test soil penetration and strength. The next step is to separate the soil into different classes and do the rest of the work in the lab.

One of my biggest dreams is to one day have a water resource center where people are made aware of the conservation factors within any field. Each individual will learn the importance of soil and water conservation and how to implement it into their everyday lives. I feel that because of my education and knowledge, it is my duty to let people be more aware of our environment.

The thing I value most about my education is that, not only am I taught on Land Use, Survey, Analysis and Testing of water and soil but, how these factors can benefit our future generation and how to conserve the land of Botswana at the same time.

I see myself in 10 years having a great company that deals with soil and water testing, analysis, usage and conservation, bringing young people into these fields, bringing awareness and eventually developing the socio-economic aspect and environmental care of my country Botswana.

P.S it is an honour to be invited to such a great group of females who are determined, and look ahead into the future.

Story by Adjoa Keamogetswe Madiabaso.

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