The Female Hawking

Hello Reader, be prepared to be teleported into my jaunty story of how I am ready to define the odds.

I am a 19 year old Motswana with plans bigger than an architects graphics pad. Mind you, that isn’t egotism, instead I strongly BELIEVE that feeding a human brain with ambitious, positive thoughts about goals and visions will increase that drive to work tirelessly harder and strive more to attain the goal. Take note Future Engineer.

It was in 2008 at a tender age of 8 when I was captivated by a topic in our Science syllabus called “The Solar System “. I remember rushing home to read more about it and draw all the planets. I was captivated by a mnemonic my teacher taught us .That was a bright day for me.

I am fortunate enough to have a driven, educated father so he bought me a chalkboard and chalks to scribble on with my sister, instead I begged him to buy me a set of chalks with different colors because I was so eager to draw all 9 planets and teach all the children in my neighborhood. My uncle then visited us the same day and was extremely impressed with my drawings and enthusiast I portrayed while describing the planets. Slowly but surely I started ordering books from UK and buying sets of scientific books to read more about these big bodies. I never told anyone that I wanted to choose this field because most African parents would prefer their children becoming lawyers or doctors so I shied behind becoming one of them for a very long time. It’s crazy because for my senior years I was very average in Physics and it caused so much depression because I never believed in myself. Until I got my first 80% in Form 4 and I completely changed my mindset and made it FINAL to my parents that I am going to become an ASTROPHYSICIST .

What I love most about it is the theory about the past, present and future of the Universe from parallel universes to black holes and beautiful clusters that lie in the sky. Till this day my relatives are puzzled and can’t understand why I would choose such an unorthodox name.

I never let people’s doubts pull me down. At times my parents tried to talk me into changing my career path because of its unavailability in my country. This actually made me want to do it because I.T needs to start somewhere and I promised myself to at least be that someone that will bring it to Botswana. I went onto writing my Cambridge Final Exams and I out-wrote that Physics paper and attained a Bold A* and since then I have never looked back.

Right now , I am blessed enough to have attained a 100% scholarship from the Russian Government and Department of Tertiary Education Financing (DTEF) to pursue my first Degree in Physics and Astronomy  and I cannot wait to represent my country. My future aspirations are to attain a doctorate in Theoretical Physics (Astrophysics) and educate my people about this career path thought to be for men only.

My advice to girls is to challenge ourselves and like I have already mentioned, feed our brains with positive thoughts & hard work then we will become the next game changers. It’s very possible if you block away anything derailing you from your vision be it people, thoughts and environmental/economic circumstances. I hope that whoever reading this will learn something and will help them in future.

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Samantha Peo Sosome.

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